Image of coral by Greg Asner

Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science

The Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science (GDCS) at Arizona State University is the locus where big biogeographic ideas meet big technology approaches. Our expert team leads spatially-explicit scientific and technological research focused on mitigating and adapting to global environmental change. Through collaborations across the ASU community and with non-governmental organizations, businesses, governments, and trailblazers in conservation science, we aim to generate innovative scientific discoveries and outcomes that benefit conservation, resource management, and policy efforts on a global scale. 

The center is also home to the Global Airborne Observatory. The observatory is an airborne laboratory that houses the most advanced Earth-mapping technology. It is also carbon neutral. Maps and data from the observatory have been used to make numerous fundamental discoveries including the makeup and functioning of ecosystems, the effects of human activities on forest biodiversity and carbon stocks, and the impacts of climate change on land and ocean environments.