Alma Alyssa Manzo was hooked the first time she saw a scientist holding a human brain in their hands.

Human females rely on aids like charting, test strips or wearable tech to identify periods of fertility, while some animals, like baboons, undergo obvious physical changes during ovulation.

What was the first robot you ever encountered?

Robotics may be the strangest of the hard sciences. 

Few times in history have seen a more dire need to find solutions to a global societal crisis than the present.

Twenty-five faculty members at Arizona State University are researching the cutting edge of robotics.

A number of factors contributed to the Jan.

Everything the rest of us have tried to avoid for the past nine months – public spaces, oft-touched surfaces, contact with crowds – they have had to embrace.

Who were the people being sacrificed in Mexico more than a thousand years ago? And why were they chosen for ritual violence?

What do education and smart-region design have in common? A goal of creating smarter campuses, cities and regions, so that we can ultimately create a smarter world for generations to come.

With two COVID-19 vaccines authorized for emergency use in the United States and more in development, vaccination efforts are well underway worldwide. 

More than 3,000 animal species in the world today are considered endangered, with hundreds more categorized as vulnerable.

Joshua Gardner, clinical associate professor in Arizona State University's School of Music, Dance and Theatre, and Stefanie Gardner recently rel

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Bert Hölldobler (Hoelldobler), University Professor of Life Sciences, Regents and Foundation Professor with Arizona State University's Sch

“Earth is ancient now, but all knowledge is stored up in her,” the English author Jeanette Winterson wrote. “She keeps a record of everything that has happened since time began.

Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration was recently awarded four Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) seed grants from

Arnold Chi Kedia is a firm believer in faith. Meeting life's challenges with an enthusiasm and contagious optimism, he believes that things happen as they are meant to. 

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It is at the confluence of different experiences that new theories come into being.

An Arizona State University anthropology student is among a group of international researchers who this week published one of the first DNA studies of dire wolves — extinct canines that roame

Haunani Kane was raised at the base of Olomana in the coastal community of Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, where she practiced traditi

Medha Dalal had a master’s degree in computer science from New York University and a job as a soft

Desert ecologists have a hard job. Their efforts to understand the workings of the natural world have never been more urgent.

Arizona State University was well represented at this year's Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM), the largest annual mathematics gathering i

Frank Wilczek, theoretical physicist, Nobel Prize laureate and professor of physics at Arizona State University, has spent m

When Kathryn Sorenson was director of water services for the city of Phoenix, she was in charge of a massive infrastructure that included 7,000 miles of pipeline.

Conflict between divorced or separated parents increases the risk of children developing physical and mental health problems.

Liam Gleason sat scrolling through dozens of images hoping to find something that showed diversity in anthropology for a poster they were creating.

To kick off the new year, Boston Dynamics posted a video of four robots doing a choreographe

Around A.D. 1085, along the southern rim of Northern Arizona’s elevated Colorado Plateau, a volcano erupted, forever changing ancient Puebloan fortunes and all nearby life.

ASU Legacy Scholar and 2017 alumna Nicole Evans says Arizona State University felt like home the moment she walked on campus in 2010 for the first time.  

Cities were changing before the pandemic.

Jacob “Jack” Fuchs, who began his teaching career when Arizona State University was still Arizona State Teachers College in 1952, died Jan. 3 at the age of 97.

Beneficial molecules are everywhere in nature.

The Department of Psychology at Arizona State University is working to provide students from underrepresented populations with opportunities for hands-on research experience, which can be the first

York, England, was founded by the Romans in A.D. 71. At about A.D. 200, the ancient Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan was the biggest city in the world. And Phoenix was settled in 1867.

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ASU undergraduate astrophysics student Bryanna Gutierrez-Coatney, of the School of Earth and Space Exploration, has been awarded the school’s inaugural Justice,

Well before the pandemic, Arizona State University’s Center for Education Through eXploration (ETX) was transforming learning by developing and deploying digital



Among the lessons learned from 2020 is just how important it is for the global community to work together to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

Pfizer’s vaccine for COVID-19 is out the door and making its way into the arms of America’s frontline essential workers, nursing home residents and politicians.

Three days of highly-interactive, creatively inspiring and collaborative sessions are at the center of Arizona State University's upcoming 

A man steals another man’s property. The victim beats up the thief, and the thief retaliates by seriously injuring the other man’s hand.

Serving university students, faculty and staff means understanding and anticipating trends of the future.

At a time in society when travel is limited, books and movies, more than ever, offer an escape from the present and the opportunity to be transported to distant places both fantastical and foreign.

Fabio Milner, associate dean of graduate initiatives and professor in Arizona State University’s School of Mathematical and

A student team from Arizona State University has won the million-dollar XPRIZE Next-Gen Mask Challenge to redesign the face masks used to prev

Editor's note: This story originally appeared in the winter 2021 issue of ASU Thrive magazine.

In the natural sciences division of The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University, students and faculty explore the great unknowns of the Earth, our solar system and th

The days of ride-alongs and shadowing professionals have taken a pause in our current virtual world.

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Perhaps that sauteed snapper you enjoyed last evening at your neighborhood restaurant was not snapper at all.

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Arizona State University’s new summer research experience for engineering students from historically Black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, is expanding in 2021 to include new schools and added

The use and spread of disinformation — false or misleading information intended to deceive people — is being amplified and accelerated at an alarming rate on the internet via social media.

Three Arizona State University Department of Psychology graduate students are the newest recipients of the Sharon Manne Award, a scholarship that provides seed funding to allow students to co

Arizona State University unveiled in December a new partnership with Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM), Sonora Norte Campus in Hermosillo, Mexico,

On Dec.

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When film students at Arizona State University were unable to shoot their capstone projects because of the pandemic, the New American Film School reached out to Hollywood for help.

Over the past year, New America’s Resource Security team ­— a program dedicated to exploring the balance between natural resources and human security — and Arizona State University's

Arizona State University is conducting coronavirus testing for a vulnerable population — those who work with people experiencing homelessness — with help from a $45,000 grant from t

Thousands of jobs in cybersecurity are going unfilled and Arizona State University has ramped up an initiative to draw young people to work in this critical field.

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Nancy Eisenberg has been a trailblazer in developmental psychology for over 40 years.

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Coral reefs are one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet supporting an estimated 25% of all marine species.

More than half of the human body is not actually human: The body hosts approximately 100 trillion microbes.

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In an effort to provide fall 2020 graduates the best virtual ceremony innovation can create, a team of a dozen students from ASU’s Meteor Studio, in coordi

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Staying current with reliable news about subjects like election security, pandemic mask effectiveness and vaccine safety is an overwhelming prospect for most people.

A virtual celebration for fall 2020 graduates of Arizona State University’s School of Community Resources and Development and alumni earned its special-event management student organizers a top uni

Professor Tracy Spinrad from the School of Social and Family Dynamics spoke with PsyPost about new research published in the Journal of Experime

Two Arizona State University undergraduates won an international hackathon competition for their idea to harness data to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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Social media and other technological innovations brought to market in recent years by the private sector have had a significant impact on national security.

According to data collected by a team of Arizona State University researchers, students struggle to balance the safety of vulnerable family members with the need for peer connection.

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The cerebellum ranks among the least understood brain structures and for decades was thought to contribute to movement and coordination.

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A new collaborative effort between Arizona State University and the Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora (ITSON) will allow graduate students to participate in a hands-on, cross-cultural program focused

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Last year, Arizona State University's Pardis Mahdavi and LaDawn Hagl

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Many proteins are required to maintain the structure, and to preserve the genetic integrity, of DNA. Sliding clamps are proteins that increase the efficiency of DNA replication.

The loss of biodiversity is occurring at an unprecedented rate across Earth. Approximately 1 million species are threatened with extinction, and many species have gone extinct in the past decade.

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Public interest technology is an emerging field. It serves to address social needs and challenges in society. So how should we develop this field that will be critical to our future?

The Department of Energy has awarded Arizona State University physics Assistant Professor Siddharth Karkare a $300,000 grant to develop more intense electron sources.

A new system for measuring solar performance over the long term in scalable photovoltaic systems, developed by Arizona State University researchers, represents a breakthrough in the cost and longev

Announced recently by the American Geophysical Union, the world’s largest earth and space science society, Arizo

From the textbooks of ancient Greek physician Hippocrates to current research on the coronavirus pandemic, we know that human health is impacted by environmental factors.

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Every year the Institute for Social Science Research holds a poster contest highlighting the social science research from Arizona State University graduate stude

A little under half of all American households have a dog.

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Think of a long, strategy-based board game. If you want to win Monopoly, you need a plan, and your path to victory depends on a series of sequential plays. 

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When Nancy Gonzales graduated high school in Miami, Arizona, she was awarded an Arizona Board of Regents scholarship, which at the time was given to the top 1% of students in the state to attend an

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Food insecurity is on the rise in Arizona as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially among Hispanic households, households with children and households who experienced a job disruption, accor

Recent news about the coronavirus pandemic has been both harrowing and hopeful.


With a pop, the flash of a small round something makes a graceful arc against a starry sky. But it’s not the cork from a bottle of celebratory Champagne.

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A second wave of COVID-19 is rising in Arizona and across the U.S., causing exponential growth of new infections along with an increasing number of people hospitalized with the disease.

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Since the dawn of modern education, those tasked with imparting knowledge to curious minds have agreed with relative consensus on one thing: Nothing can replace in-person instruction.

Just as our brains develop as we grow up, they can also decline as we age.

An interdisciplinary team of scientists using advanced imaging technology have answered the question of whether alligators share any of the same regenerative capabilities as much smaller reptiles.

Five outstanding Arizona State University faculty spanning the physical sciences, psychological sciences and science policy have been named as Fellows of the American Association for the Advancemen

Under a cloudless blue sky on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus, Craig Turner fired up a thin R2D2-looking device and shot

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Valeria Gutierrez is a sophomore majoring in psychology who conducts research as part of the Arizona Twin Project.

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The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the prestigious Gregori Aminoff Crystallography Prize, one of the physics research community’s highest honors, to Arizona State University Regents

David Pijawka, professor emeritus of sustainable planning in Arizona State University's

When Sally C. Morton was about 4 years old, her father would come home every night and ask her to count his change. It was a task she took seriously.

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Why would a company moving into a century-old building that has never flooded need to cut a drain flap into its metal front door?

It’s the extra cost of doing business in Philadelphia.

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Humans have a long-standing relationship with the sea that spans nearly 200,000 years.

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Koop Bills is an Arizona State University senior in neuroscience and psychology who wants to pursue a PhD in cognitive neuroscience after graduation.

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They are the best and brightest and have brought honor and distinguishment to their disciplines.

Many historians have stated that this country was founded on the exploitation of Indigenous peoples and the Earth.

We all have our biases.

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Innovation is transforming the energy industry as new technologies enhance power generation, storage and transmission.

New research that employs curved origami structures has dramatic implications in the development of robotics going forward, providing tunable flexibility — the ability to adjust stiffness bas

When Arizona State University alumni reflect on their Sun Devil stories, they often remember the influential courses they took from The Coll

When distance learning involves overseas students studying music, a Zoom call isn’t quite good enough. So, on Oct.

National security has long been a driving force for technological innovation in this country.

Across America, hazardous waste sites pose an ongoing threat to human and environmental health. The most severe cases are known as Superfund sites, of which over 1,000 currently exist.

Imposed actions (wearing face coverings, social distancing, etc.) brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have given way to a high level of fatigue while adjusting to what feels like the new normal. 

It will come as no surprise to anyone living in Phoenix that 2020 has been a record-breaking year for high temperatures.

Announced recently by the American Geophysical Union, the world’s largest earth and space science society, Arizo

Drones are an important tool in homeland security operations but can also be a threat when used by malicious actors.

Democracies have been getting worse at governing for our long-term interest, or so concluded two-thirds of the audience for “Governing for the Future,” a recent Future Tense webinar focused on how

Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination and the ASU-Leonardo Initiative have launched a new eigh

Ask a Biologist is an interactive website that offers a variety of biology learning materials, including stories, games, activities, videos and podcasts.

Use-inspired research is a core value of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University.

In a recent announcement from NASA, 31 promising space technologies have been selected for testing aboard parabolic aircraft, high-altitude balloons and suborbital rocket-powered systems as part of

Fifteen years ago, Vijay Vittal began leading the United States in addressing the challenges of modernizing the electric grid when he became dir

The Office of National Scholarship Advisement at Arizona State University has announced two nominees for the

While health experts and government agencies across the globe continue to learn more about COVID-19 transmission and implement policies to curb its spread, a critical part of managing the dis

Arizona State University is celebrating the official grand opening of Lantana Hall — the university’s new

Since the rise of COVID-19 in our state last spring, the Arizona State University Biodesign Institute has worked tirelessly to respond, in particular by pro

Arizona State University alumnus George “Sonny” Cave is no stranger to building things from the ground up.

Our planet’s coral reef ecosystems are in peril from multiple threats.

Males of the extinct human species Paranthropus robustus were thought to be substantially larger than females — much like the size differences seen in modern-day primates such as gorillas, oranguta

Arizona State University's Scott Sayres and his team have recently

The NASA Astrobiology Program has announced the selection of eight new interdisciplinary research teams to inaugurate its

Have you taken your temperature recently? Was it lower than the standard 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit? 

The coronavirus crisis has dominated the headlines and many discussions this year about how the country, and even the world, can move forward from this devastating pandemic.

Arizona State University and Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, on Monday announced a stra

Anyone who has ever skipped a meal then lashed out at an unwitting significant other, bystander or retail clerk knows this important life fact: The hanger is real.

Every year, Arizona State University invites families of K–12 students from schools all over the state to participate in

Among ways being explored to combine biology and engineering to remedy a range of growing global environmental problems, algae-based solutions look especially promising.

At the beginning of 2020, as COVID-19 spread, schools, bars and gyms shuttered; nonessential travel was restricted; and cities around the world implemented their own unique protocols to slow

The events of this year have started a national conversation about systemic racism, social justice and the overall treatment of Black and other nonwhite bodies in th

Patio weather is officially here, but Arizona will not soon forget the scorching summer months.

The coolest moment in every science fiction flick is when the spacecraft takes off or lands, jets roaring, massive landing gear unfurling, claw feet flexing while debris flies in every direction.

What would our world look like if we responded affirmatively to the climate crisis, reorganizing our communities and societies to live within the boundaries of our planet?

For Melissa Holman, an ASU Online psychology undergraduate and personal trainer from New York, wellness isn’t just a physical thing, but a mental practice as well. 


A biomedical engineering student in Arizona, a designer in New York, a nonprofit professional in Canada and a high school student in Israel wouldn’t typically find themselves in the same plac

Despite more than half the world’s population being online, the rules that govern the internet are still largely the Wild West.

Xavier Jenkins’ alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Growing up in Arizona, Gabrielle “Gabby” Lout was fascinated with the ocean.

While the continents of Africa and Europe have been obvious and fruitful treasure troves for exploration and discovery of our modern human origins, Asia has been somewhat overlooked.

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans believe human beings have always existed as they appear now, despite more than 100 years of scient

Arizona State University has entered a new collaboration to further advance the Phoenix metropolitan area as an important hub of the global semiconductor industry.

Early in the pandemic, staying safe and healthy for many meant adopting a disposable lifestyle: using plastic bags at the grocery store, ordering to-go or delivery from local restaurants and drinki

Nearly 75% of the world’s coral reefs are under threat from global stressors such as climate change and local stressors such as overfishing and coastal development.

You’re online and you get an email from PayPal asking to check your balance.

Kay Norton, professor of musicology in Arizona State University's School of Music, Dance and Theatre, is an invited keynote speake

So maybe you’re not as far along in your career as you thought you’d be, and your paycheck isn’t great. So you buy a cool new SUV to park in your driveway.

October 26–29 is Virtual Study Abroad Week at Arizona State University, and instructor

Principles of sustainability are the focus of four courses that will be offered this spring through the Italian program in Arizona State Universit

Construction is a traditional industry. Fundamental work is performed in much the same way it has been for generations.

National security involves increasingly sophisticated technologies, relying on the ever-advancing capabilities of artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous systems to maintain vigilance agai

Four professors from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts made creative adjustments to their hands-on curriculum this fall to accommodate in-person, but physically distanced learni

An ensemble of scientists, with expertise in psychology, biology, neuroscience and medicine, has authored a paper that uses an evolutionary perspective to interpret and assess the COVID-19 pandemic

Do humans form closer relationships as we age, understanding the inevitably of our own mortality?

There are a lot of factors that go into building a successful relationship, and money is one of the key aspects.

If your smartphone could only connect to a single tower, it wouldn’t be a very reliable communication system.

The effort to develop a rapid COVID-19 saliva test is being spearheaded by two School of Molecular Sciences researchers at Arizona State University.

Arizona State University's Alexandra Ros has just received the Advancing Electrokinetic Science Electrophoresis Society Mid-Career Ach

When you envision the future, what image springs to mind?

CareerCast named this the top job for 2020. It reigned for four years as Glassdoor's Best Job In America and topped the LinkedIn Emerging Jobs List.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, universities have had to find and adopt new ways of building, maintaining and creating communities for students to flourish in and remain connected throu

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Only eight countries have legislated full gender equality, according to the World Bank’s

Arizona State University's Geospatial Research Solutions, a professional services group housed within the

The Master’s Opportunity for Research in Engineering, also called the MORE program, offers support for master’s students in Arizona State Un

Astronomy and paleoanthropology are two branches of science that generally don’t intersect.

Scientists have long thought that rainfall has a dramatic effect on the evolution of mountainous landscapes, but the reasons for how and why have been elusive.

Margaret Tueller is a visual learner with a curious mind.

When electricity travels from its source to your home, it undergoes several conversion processes as it moves through the power grid.

In the search to discover the origins of our solar system, an international team of researchers, including planetary scientist and cosmochemist Jam

When Arizona State University President Michael Crow committed the campus to sustainability in 2007, he pledged that it would be carbon neutral by 2025.

Over this past summer, statue after statue of historical figures were uprooted from their foundations in parks, plazas and thoroughfares across America as civil unrest following a spate of killings

After battling on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic most of the year, Arizona’s health care community paused on Oct.

Get to know the newest additions to the School of Social Transformation faculty.

Long lines of passengers waiting to go through

Good quality drinking water is crucial to public health.

Quasars are the brightest objects in the universe and among the most energetic. They outshine entire galaxies of billions of stars.

After Hurricane Dorian tore across Grand Bahama in 2019, Dave Mackey called his home “a paradise, but a temporary one.”

ASU School of Arts, Media and Engineering Associate Professor Grisha Coleman — whose work focuses largely on movement resear

Dinosaurs aren’t the only fossil game in town. In fact, anything from an acorn to a meteorite can be a fossil.

Engineering shapes almost every facet of how humans live, putting pressur

The American pika is a charismatic, diminutive relative of rabbits that some researchers say is at high risk of extinction due to climate change.

“There is nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns.”

— Octavia Butler

Liz Cohen wasn’t eager to teach online. The Guggenheim-winning associate photography professor, who considers herself a people person, didn’t think it was for her.

Preparing to give a big presentation. Starting on an important work project. Fighting through the distress of overcoming addiction. Living with the intrusive thoughts from a traumatic past.

You may have heard about different kinds of alternative realities, whether virtual (VR), augmented (AR) or mixed (MR).

History books often link disease and colonization, in which explorers unknowingly bring with them illnesses that spread to native people.

With elegant designs, tied together with fine lines and details that pop off the surface, Mimbres pottery is some of the most beautiful art of the prehistoric Southwest.

Arizona State University President Michael Crow honored members of the ASU community during the 2020 President’s Recognition Ceremony, which was held virtually on Oct.

Arizona State University Professor Geoffrey D. Borman has great empathy for middle schoolers.

Around the world, we face unprecedented challenges, from a constantly evolving COVID-19 pandemic to increasingly violent natural disasters to a warming climate. 

The carcass of an albatross chick, covered in bottle caps. A dead sperm whale on a Scottish beach, stomach full of debris.

Domestic violence was already considered an epidemic long before COVID-19 impacted the world, but the pandemic has caused

Since March, millions of people have worked from home. Now that it’s fall, millions of children are learning from home.

When it comes to helping small businesses, Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson rank near the middle of the pack, according to a new Arizona State University study.

Arizona State University's Graduate College has announced the relaunch of the

Lee Gutkind has made several costume changes in his life. The fatigues of the U.S. Coast Guard. The leather of a biker. The black T-shirt of a beatnik. The tweed of a college professor.

The number of proteins in the human body, collectively known as the proteome, is vast.

2020 has been a year of extraordinary headlines.

Jean Andino can never forget the wide-eyed look of shock on students’ faces.

As STEM careers move toward closing the gender gap, engaging girls early on in science and technology is essential.

This year's third annual Engage event brought together more than 300 ASU University Technology Office (UTO)

Arizona State University students now have more opportunities to pursue a master’s degree in less time and with less financial commitment.

The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University has established a growing prominence of female editors-in-chief for its law journals, part of a

Living on the moon has been depicted in popular culture for decades: Typically, astronauts scamper around odd-looking buildings or zip around in dune buggies.

Four faculty members in Arizona State University's School of International Letters and Cultures have been selected to participate in the

A funny thing happens when you grow accustomed to something in your life. No matter how wonderous or necessary, when it’s always there, you can start to take it for granted.

It was during Angel Palazuelos’ first year of high school that he realized his life wasn’t the same as his friends’ and peers.’ Born in Culiacán, Mexico, Palazuelos

Gabriella Cerna is a first-year and first-generation student in the School of Molecular Sciences and Barrett, The Honors College, majoring in biochemistry.

H. Christian Kim has joined the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty at Arizona State University as the associate director.

Roughly $165 billion worth of food is wasted every year in the United States, most of it at the household level.

The Arizona State University Child Study Lab shifted its fall and winter curriculum to be an entirely online experience to help children learn


Imagine, deep in the tropical jungle of southern Mexico, the base of a mountain is visible across a smooth lake, otherwise obscured by morning mist.

Engineers and scientists envision a future transportation environment wit

The Biodesign Institute at ASU is significantly expanding its scientific enterprise, announcing two new centers and one new lab to advance explorations in the fields of microbiomics, green chemistr

Professor Rebekka Wachter has spent nearly 20 years in Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences as an expert in the field of structural and functio

Among high school students in the United States, cigarette smoking is down over 20% compared to the mid-1990s.

ASU Interplanetary Initiative has announced the launch of its newly formed board.

People told Elizabeth Jones for years that she couldn’t be an engineer.

Sierra magazine, the national publication of the Sierra Club, released its 14th annual “Cool Schools” competitive ranking of North America’s greenest colleges and universities on Sept.

The Research for Inclusive STEM Education Center, a newly launched Arizona State University initiative, is striving to make higher education more inclusive through innovative research, ongoin

Acclaimed Regents Professor George Robert “Bob” Pettit is retiring from the School of Molecular Sciences after a 55-year career at Arizona State

During an age when technologies can yield fewer personal interactions — compounded with current social distancing protocols keeping many of us separated — maintaining meaningful connections is more

The School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at Arizona State University has announced the appointment of four new faculty members whose diverse backg

Following a successful FedEx Cessna 208 Caravan te

ASU is launching a new laboratory dedicated to keeping our planet habitable and enhancing the options for future generations to thrive.

Climate change may feel formidable, and people worldwide are already experiencing its effects, but our future is not yet decided. Catastrophe is not inevitable.  

In January 2018, China stopped accepting most plastic recyclables from Western nations. Within days, there was no hiding just how much plastic nations were producing and consuming.

Thirteen new faculty members joined The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences natural sciences division at Arizona State University this fall, bringing a wealth of knowledge on a range of topics inc

The era of the television brought with it the TV dinner — a fast, convenient meal that, while nutritionally questionable, meant the whole family could gather together on the sofa to enjoy "The Ed S

Ferran Garcia-Pichel, Arizona State University professor and researcher, has been awarded the 2021 D.C. White Award by the American Society for Microbiology.

More than $300,000 from the Charlene and J. Orin Edson Initiative for Dementia Care and Solutions was awarded to three Arizona State University research teams for innovative research projects.

While the economic aftermath of COVID-19 continues to affect employment for millions, employers in one of the fastest-growing global economies say that Sun Devils have an edge.

Arizona State University junior Kelli Brown has a hard time describing what she’s studying to her family over holiday breaks.

In April, Arizona State University’s Narrative Storytelling Initiative invited people worldwide to write a short story on what

Carbon, one of the main building blocks for all life on Earth, cycles among living organisms and the environment.

Designer babies, mutant mosquitoes and frankenfoods: These are the images that often spring to mind when people think of genome editing.

What do cellular systems in the human body and social behaviors of people have in common with zombies? 

Growing up in Cave Creek, Arizona, Chad Kwiatkowski chose to study geology because he had a desire to learn the geologic story of the mountains that he grew up exploring, located in and around metr

Arizona State University graduates, the tech giants are calling!  

Tucked just north of the Phoenix metropolitan area, adjacent to popular travel destinations including Sedona and Jerome, sits the smaller and perhaps lesser-known 10-square-mile town of Clark

Dreamscape Immersive, the world’s leading virtual reality company, and Arizona State University, the

In a profession where planned projects fail 70% of the time, project management professionals of all experience levels need a place to have open and honest conversations about successes, learning o

On April 25, 1954, Bell Labs announced its latest invention, a silicon solar cell, at a press conference in Murray Hill, New Jersey.

Traffic is a hassle. Everyday drivers endure the tedium of gridlock induced by road construction or accidents at intersections. Hence the hope for a future driven by autonomous vehicles.

Why do certain groups of people have a shorter life span? How can health disparities among poor and racialized minorities be reduced?

Every fall semester, ASU's School of Social Transformation hosts the "Seeking Justice in Arizona" fall lecture series, which

The Princeton Review has named Arizona State University one of the Best 386 Colleges in its 2021 rankings,

Scientists at Arizona State University and the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) have identified stellar phosphorus as a probable marker in narrowing the search for life in the cosmos and have de

For billions of years, nature has used DNA like a molecular bank vault: a place to store her most coveted secrets — the design blueprints essential to life.

Jesus Peralta is an only child and the first in his whole family to attend college, so the pressure to do well in school is something that motivates him every day.

In 2019, an international team of scientists, Indigenous leaders and conservationists presented the “Global Deal for Nature” (GDN), an ambitious plan calling upon world leaders to formally pr

For many of us, stay-at-home orders over the past several months have meant that we are sleeping, eating and working in the same place, potentially with the same people, all the time.

A pandemic, civil unrest and record heat. Could there be anything worse?

A lack of water, perhaps.

Each year, the Arizona State University Alumni Association celebrates the achievements of alumni who own or lead successful, fast-growing, innovative businesses across the globe with the Sun

In today’s world of big data, billions of data points are collected every day via smartphone apps, fitness trackers and wearables about our decisions, habits and travel patterns.

On Aug. 30, Desert WAVE members tuned into Zoom to attend the 23rd International RoboSub Competition.

Addressing present concerns in social justice, sustainability and technology, the Department of English at Arizona State University has recruited five additional faculty to its programs in film and

Males and females share the vast majority of their genomes. Only a sprinkling of genes, located on the so-called X and Y sex chromosomes, differ between the sexes.

The quagga mussel is not something served on a dinner plate or over a large tray of ice at a fancy restaurant.

As harmful atmospheric carbon dioxide levels continue to increase, understanding the planetary carbon balance has become the single most important scientific question.

As Arizona summers grow hotter and hotter, heat safety becomes an even bigger priority in the Valley.

Constructing complex objects from the bottom up, layer by layer, through a process known as additive manufacturing is set to revolutionize how we build everything from dental implants to houses to

Strong social ties are a key driver of cooperation in many species and are associated with adaptive benefits in several of them, including humans, feral horses and dolphins.

At a time of increasing challenges around the globe, successful responses and solutions depend on recognizing the complexity and interconnectedness of the Earth’s systems, both natural and societal

When summer employment opportunities were postponed or canceled for students of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law due to COVID-19, faculty quickly stepped in t

With workplace wellness programs on the rise, an Arizona State University team of interdisciplinary researchers are asking big questions about how to improve the overall functionality, impact

As missions like NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, TES

A major collaborative effort that has been developing over the last three years between Arizona State University and European scientists has resulted in a significant technical advance in X-ray cry

Dongwoo “Jason” Yeom has joined The Design School at Arizona State University as assistant professor in the architecture faculty.

Even before the current recession, ex-offenders faced bleak economic prospects. R

A 13-million-year-old fossil unearthed in northern India comes from a newly discovered ape, the earliest known ancestor of the modern-day gibbon.

A team of scientists from Arizona State University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), led by Hao Yan, ASU’s Milton Glick Professor in the School of Molecular Sc

Sana Rizwan was 14 when she climbed into the cargo bed of an old pickup truck and was driven to the Jinnah International Airport through city streets flooded with waist-high water. 

Over the course of his 40-plus years in electrical engineering, Arizona State University's Michael Kozicki has amassed a long list of distinguish

Arizona State University has a very strong commitment to indigenous communities, in particular the Native American tribes in Arizona.

Every internet user knows what it’s like to search for an item and then see ads for that item popping up endlessly afterward.

Through an interdisciplinary approach jointly formed by The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Ira A.

As anyone unlucky enough to have spent this summer in the Valley of the Sun knows, it’s been a season of firsts.

What people think of the scientists who advise the federal government partially depends on their own political persuasion and where the scientists work, according to

Maricopa County Department of Public Health, Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University are embarking on an ambitious project to better understand the prevalence and spread of COVID-19 cases in the c

Academia wasn't the path Kathleen Vogel expected her career to take. She believed her interest in science policy and science and technology studies would lead to a position in government.

A federal government contest created to expand solar energy manufacturing in the United States has awarded its grand prize to a startup venture from the Ira A

A fire is sweeping through a small town putting people’s homes and lives at risk.

In the weeks leading up to the start of the fall 2020 semester, Arizona State University was busy preparing its classrooms, installing equipment for the new

Today, at an event hosted by Arizona State University, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler with Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt, U.S. Sen.


When COVID-19 hit, the nation went from historic lows in unemployment and seemingly boundless economic growth to a near standstill economy.

Arizona State University is a renowned enterprise university, a learning ecosystem that links industry demands with academic rigor to prepare graduates for work and life.

Exposure to fake news about climate change may impact people's belief in human-caused climate change and weaken their perceptions of the scientific consensus on climate change.

Francine Banner, graduate of the justice studies Phd program at Arizona State University's School of Social Transformation was rec

From manatee calves being raised by a single mother to male jacana birds who raise related young from nearby nests — there are hundreds of family structures found in the wild.

Enduring organizations, like universities or hospitals, that are rooted in a specific location play vital roles in their neighboring communities and economies. 

Eric Knott, a lecturer in the W. P.

A team of scientists from Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences and the Biodesign Institute recently published a study in

In July, the National Endowment for the Humanities announced it was awarding $30 mi

During a typical summer, the Ira A.

As humans continue to explore the solar system and beyond, the moon is frequently targeted as a nearby location for resources that can help extend and enhance space missions to other destinations.

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to make a stronghold in Arizona, Arizona State University employees began fighting back — by answering urgent calls for help and, often, by taking on completely new r

For three decades, teachers from around the Phoenix metro area – and as far away as Singapore – have gathered on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus to learn as students in the Department of Ph

As summertime’s wildfires char swaths of the western United States' forests, Stephen Pyne, an Arizona State University professor emeritus, prolific author and self-proclaimed “smokechaser at heart,

A nearby star, the host of two (and possibly three) planets, was initially thought to be quiet and boring.

Arizona State University President’s Professor Ariel Anbar has been awarded the

Every hour, the sun saturates the earth with more energy than humans use in a year.

While bars, gyms, dine-in restaurants and other buildings have been closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, water left sitting in pipes could change in quality.

Has the pandemic brought communities together or driven them apart? 

Against a backdrop of a clear blue sky, slender palm trees and waves crashing against black lava rocks along Hawaii’s South Kona coastline, a dozen youths ages eight to 17 sat silent and wide

The third year of graduate school in a doctoral program usually includes some coursework and a lot of data collection. For HyeJung Park it included all that — and a deployment with the Army.

Arizona State University, through its partnership with Conservation International, joins the University of Washington and the Nippon Foundation to announce the 

Arizona State University offers more than 800 fully accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programs — not to mention more than 270 minors and c

What do baby sitters, farmers markets, street vendors and repair services have in common?

Biological organisms are made up of interconnected systems of tissues, liquids and similar substances continually at work maintaining vital functions — vastly different in nature from inanimate mat

How do odors wafting in the air, from fragrant fruits to foul stenches, guide and change behavior?

Hoang Manh Duc could not have imagined how his life would change when he signed up for the Automation Competition implemented by Arizona State University in Vietnam.

The National Academy of Inventors has named three Arizona State University faculty members to the August 2020 class 

Editor’s note: This story is part of a series about the impacts of disinformation, how to guard against it and what researchers are doing to stop its spread.

Denver is known for its relatively mild climate and its four distinct seasons. It’s also known for its temperature fluctuations over the course of a day or even hours.

Providing meticulous care of the human heart means having an accurate cardiac model on which to conduct disease modeling, drug testing and other research.

Scrambling jets. Sweepings for mines. Clearing airfields. Designing hangars for multibillion-dollar planes. Developing a peer mentor program to improve mental health.

More than half of the world's aboveground carbon is stored in tropical forests, the degradation of which poses a direct threat to global climate regulation.

Parents and teachers fear the summer slide — the learning loss that can happen over summer break — and the aftereffects of the spring school closures threaten to double the length of potentia

Over the past four decades the FORTA Corporation has built a reputation as a leader in the synthetic reinforcement fibers industry.

The blasts at a Beirut warehouse storing highly explosive ammonium nitrate on Aug.

It’s the night before the marathon. You’ve been training for months and now it’s go time. What’s for dinner?

Last month, the Trump administration announced they rescinded the Obama administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) amendment of the Fair Housing Act.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects a specific area of the brain — the substantia nigra.

The question "When will things get back to normal?" rings across the state.

Thao Ha, assistant professor of psychology in Arizona State University's Department of Psychology, has been recognized by both

Representation matters a great deal when it comes to culture.

Data from NASA's recent Dawn mission answers two long-unresolved questions: Is there liquid inside Ceres, and how long ago was the

Aloha. It’s the Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy. It’s usually used as a greeting, but to native Hawaiians it has a deeper cultural and spiritual significance.

It’s been a turbulent 2020, with a pandemic, continuing social unrest and an economic recession. How to make sense of it all?

It’s Friday night and you’re going out to dinner with your grandparents. You’re going to Sizzler, because they go there … every … single … Friday. It’s not a question.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, promises transformative innovation for transportation, manufacturing, health care and education. It may also bring freedom from tedious tasks.

New Zealand is home to an astonishingly rich web of life, with many indigenous plant and animal species found nowhere else on Earth.

If engineers are going to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve, the field must reflect the diversity of those communities.

Arizona State University Professor James Sulikowski has been studying sharks around the world for more than 25 years and is a frequent cont

Resource fishes — species targeted for human consumption — play a key role in reef ecosystems long before they end up on the dinner table.

Arizona State University Mars scientists have been having a busy summer.

Arizona State University anthropological geneticist and Regents Professor Anne Stone spoke with The Washington

Using some cosmic detective work, a team of researchers has found evidence that tiny pieces of asteroids from the inner solar system may have crossed a gap to the outer solar system, a feat once th

A U.S. Department of Energy award is empowering a new center at Arizona State University to create a more resilient and sustainable electricity grid with the use of next-generation materials. 

In the world of competitive hacking, to be the best, you need to compete against the best.

A 95-car, Union Pacific freight train derailed over Tempe Town Lake on Wednesday, July 29.

A large number of the valley networks scarring the surface of Mars were carved by water melting beneath glacial ice, not by free-flowing rivers as previously thought, according to

Cities generate the vibrant energy of society.


ASURE has been awarded a contract that could total as much as $42.4 million over the next five years to advance unmanned and robotic technologies and weapons sys

A majority of the world's population lives on low-lying lands near the sea, some of which are predicted to submerge by the end of the 21st century due to rising sea levels.

A key component of ambient direct air capture (DAC) systems that remove carbon dioxide from the air is the sorbent material that is used to first capture the carbon and then to release it.

The Union Pacific Salt River Bridge, a technological marvel at the time it was built in 1912, has survived more than a century of floods and weather events on the Salt River, in an area now known a

Classes this fall will see only half of their teacher’s face.

Ryan Gleason was 10 years old when he solidified his love for maps. 

Introduced by her friends as “the ocean person,” Katherine Ball has spent much of her life near the water.

Efforts to combat the novel coronavirus rely on broad adoption of a few behaviors: physical distancing, frequent hand washing, wearing face masks in public and staying home when ill.

Demand is up for engineering graduate education at Arizona State University.

Electricity literally brightens our lives, but public understanding of its supply seems dim.

On July 30, an Atlas rocket fueled with kerosene and liquid oxygen roars off the Florida coast, hurled into deep space by 3.8 million newtons of thrust at full throttle and accelerating to more tha

Al Boggess is the recipient of the 2020 Gary Krahenbuhl Difference Maker Award.

A small Belize village has safe drinking water even though supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19 nearly rendered the island of 

After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017, Anais Delilah Roque began having stomach problems.

This summer, high school senior Eleni Canez participated in Arizona State University’s Joaquin Bustoz Math-Science Honors Program

When remote working became the norm for many during the coronavirus pandemic, few professions were as prepared for the change as space researchers.

Arizona State University graduate student Swarup Dey has been awarded the 2020 School of Molecular Sciences Innovation Award for his invention, which creates a DNA nanosensor that mimics transmembr

Since late 2005, Christian Ziegler, an assistant professor in Arizona State University's School of Arts, Me

The TV hurricane report was wrong and Randy Cerveny knew it.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our everyday routines and has left many industries unsure about the most effective way to move forward with their summer internship programs.

Working with at-risk youth in the juvenile correction system led Arizona State University’s Tristan Lyle to enroll in the Department of Psychology's 

The discussion and understanding of the United States in an interdisciplinary context is important, and in wake of current events, increasingly relevant.

For years, violinist Seth Thorn, an instructor in Arizona State University's School of Arts, Media and Engineering, wanted to expand how traditional instrum

Arizona State University Regents Professor Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez was recently named the 2020 recipient of the

Editor’s note: This story is part of a series about the impacts of disinformation, how to guard against it and what researchers are doing to stop its spread.

New research from Arizona State University and Stanford University is augmenting meteorological studies that predict global warming trends and heat waves, adding human-originated factors into the e

Arizona State University alumna Tiffany Schwartz believes countries should become more interconnected with each other rather than isolated.

The Emirates Mars Mission, the first interplanetary exploration undertaken by an Arab nation, is expected to lift off in July (exact launch

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the world, the research computing centers at Arizona State University,

In partnership with Arizona State University’s Threatcasting Lab, the Army Cyber Institute created a new graphic novel, “Invisible Force,” as a “science fiction prototype,” which is a fiction

We all know that exercise benefits us physically, but ripped abs and a healthy heart aren’t the only advantages to hitting the gym.

A generous gift from Arizona State University alumna Sharon Manne has funded an annual fellowship that will allow three psychology graduate students to pursue their own research projects on h

Soil erosion is a growing worldwide challenge.

A love of foreign cultures and a desire to help others inspired an Arizona State University global health alumna to study cervical cancer in sub-Saharan Africa.  

In just three years’ time, the group of faculty behind the Law and Behavioral Science initiative took Arizona State University from relative obscurity in the

The Peace Corps and Arizona State University have signed a strategic agreement that will help Peace Corps volunteers in the field advance their humanitarian work by using an educational device inve

Thanks to the help of citizen scientists, astronomers have confirmed the existence of two unusual brown dwarfs in the Milky Way that defy normal classification.

Global average sea surface temperatures have risen at unprecedented rates for the past three decades, with far-reaching consequences for coral reefs.

Scientists worldwide are working overtime to understand the myriad impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the gold rush of the 1850s, the Sierra Nevada foothills in California looked like giant moles had attacked. Thousands of mine shafts pocked the landscape.

Serena Ferrando, assistant professor of environmental humanities and Italian at Arizona State University, is the discretionary funding winner f

In an independent report published this week, an analysis from over 100 experts finds the benefits of protecting 30% of the planet outweigh the costs by a factor of at least 5:1.

On June 30, 2020, over 1,700 professionals, from fields ranging from academic institutions to federal state and local government agencies, attended the unique and timely webinar "Becoming an Antira

In 2013, Arizona State University and Dublin City University signed a Transatlantic Higher Education Partnership, building on this history of collaboration and leveraging our complementary skills a

Beginning this fall 2020 semester, Arizona State University will be offering a new bachelor’s degree in

As an established urban planner in Arizona, Ian Dowdy has built an expansive career that spans more than 15 years across the private, public and nonprofit sectors rooted in his ethos of service to

Iuliia (Julia) Inozemtseva is the recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Lecturer Award in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State

Students in the Arizona State University Luminosity Lab have created two versions of a low-cost, small-scale sterilization unit that is effective on general personal protective equipment, including

For a long time, Matthew Broussard has wanted to understand how childhood trauma can lead to substance abuse in adults. 

As the coronavirus continues to surge across the United States, there is little doubt that the pandemic has upended American life as we know it.

Moving your foot requires flexing the muscles in your calf, ankle and the

The year 2020 is no traditional year.


The solar system could be Arizona State University’s fifth campus.

Editor’s note: This story is part of a series about the impacts of disinformation, how to guard against it and what researchers are doing to stop its spread. 

Editor's note: UTO Humble Heroes is a series featuring the people who make UTO run — their stories, in their own words.

Editor's note: As Arizona continues to battle COVID-19, please follow social distancing and face covering guidelines in public at all times, including playgrounds.

Apparently, lightning is more than just a flash. 

Does your neighborhood have a guaranteed water supply?

Is ocean desalination the future of drinking water?

Engineering is a method of problem-solving that can help address a variety of challenges — even how students can safely and effectively return to school during the coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout California, the effects of climate change are evident, from increasing frequencies of intense wildfires and mudslides to widespread and prolonged droughts.

A team of astronomers has released the largest collection of sharp, detailed images of debris disks around young stars, showcasing the great variety of shapes and sizes of stellar systems during th

For some children, screen time before bed translates to less sleep.

When the spread of COVID-19 shifted from a looming threat to a full-blown pandemic in March, the Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency (CAOE) at Arizona

An eye-opening book about children working in their parents’ street vending businesses has earned honors from the American Sociological Association. 

Human adaptation is a unique combination of maturing and learning slowly from childhood to adulthood, the development of complex production skills and the establishment of cooperative sociality. 

Arizona State University Executive Vice President and Chief Research and Innovation Officer Sethuraman “Panch” Panchanathan has been named the 15th director of th

The Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics at Arizona State University was founded on the belief that ethical behavior can create better a

Dario Gurrola has spent thousands of dollars and several years of his life trying to realize his dream of becoming a full-time firefighter in California.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to widespread unemployment, remote working, school closures, business closures and overwhelmed health care systems.

Researchers show disparities in COVID-19 response through access to water.

College courses often push students to think about the world’s grand challenges, but they do not always address the need to communicate solutions effectively.

Tyler DesRoches, an assistant professor in the School of Sustainability and the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at Ar

Survivor Link, a team of Arizona State University educators, students, faculty members and community volunteers who work to pr

This fall, the School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University will offer a variety of courses — from Japanese civilization to photography in Latin America.

Kyle Hoefer, an Arizona State University School of Arts, Media and Engineering alumnus, has landed a job at X, Google's

Researchers now have a better understanding of how the first people moved to and through the Caribbean.

“We seem to have lost sight of the deeper drivers of an accelerating risk of infectious disease transmission to the world,” wrote Leah Gerber, p

Sharks are among the most threatened animals in the world, and more people than ever now want to help.

Alzheimer’s is a disease marked by many grim statistics.

For new students, the idea of going to an unfamiliar place can be daunting, and this has only been compounded by the pandemic.

Arizona State University’s award-winning robotics submarine team, Desert WAVE, is not allowing COVID-19 to discourage their creativity and collaboration.

Every year since 1952, competitive graduate students from all over the country apply for the National Science Foundation Graduate

Protective face masks are key to Arizona State University and other schools and organizations reopening because their use significantly decreases coronavirus spread.

Before the threat of the novel coronavirus sent us all home to shelter in place this spring, limiting our face-to-face interactions to just a few members of our immediate household (if we were that

Now through June 28, volunteers throughout the metro Phoenix region will be putting on masks and picking up trash as part of a nationwide

Oxygen first accumulated in the Earth’s atmosphere about 2.4 billion years ago, during the Great Oxidation Event.

Aaron Dolgin is a systems engineer for Northrop Grumman in Los Angeles.

On the third Saturday of March, only a few days after Arizona State University directed its community to work remotely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 

A team of researchers led by Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration Professor

Blend the playful atmosphere of a summer camp or festival with the spirit of educational and technological collaboration — and Lea

Achieving your dream takes discipline, perseverance and hard work. Working hard to reach a goal is something ASU Online student and Texas resident David Jacobson knows well.

In current times, employers are looking for resumes containing more than just previous jobs and internships.

Discrimination knows no boundaries. Unfortunately, the fields of STEM are no exception. STEM fields have been plagued by structural and systemic forces that have been highlighted by recent events.

Designs, concepts and prototypes for technologies to make transportation more efficient and economical are under development in many research labs and automotive industry facilities.

Since 1974, the United Nations has encouraged environmental awareness and protection every June 5 on World Environment Day. 

As anyone who has ever used a shovel knows, the only way to dig is by using force. A bulldozer, an earthmover, a spade — they all involve force.

Three new views of the Martian moon Phobos have been captured by NASA's 2001 Mars Odyssey orbiter.

Flaky, crispy, paper-thin bread. Primarily made from blue corn flour, juniper tree ash and water, piki is maize flatbread and a staple of traditional Hopi cuisine.

What does “sustainability” mean? How can you incorporate sustainable practices into your daily life? Into your business? Into your classroom curriculum?

As clouds and scattered thunderstorms loomed above Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on the morning of May 30, the entire nation looked to the sky unsure if a second attempt at the SpaceX Crew

Look up the number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus on the 

As the spring 2020 semester recessed for spring break, Arizona K-12 students and parents contemplated how the academic year would continue and conclude as news of possible school closures due

The COVID-19 pandemic has set off a cascade of troubling shockwaves.

In the middle of a global pandemic, it’s clear the world is intensely interconnected.

A free, online U.S. Department of Transportation program for high school juniors and seniors is being offered for college credit at Arizona State University in the upcoming school year.

ASU experts on the economy, anxiety, tourism and more share their insights in a new video series on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting a variety of aspects of our lives.

The year 2020 has proven to be one full of heartache, fear and anger. Social injustices that have existed in the U.S. for generations are now being thrown into sharp relief.

Technology is an enabler. Applying it in the public interest means there is a use value for the common good.

President Donald Trump has declared war on Twitter after the tech giant flagged his posts as being incendiary and misleading by placing

For years, physicists have pondered the existence of gravitons — microscopic particles believed to transmit the gravitational force.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, life has changed dramatically. Social distancing and the stay-at-home guidelines have been especially difficult for kids.

A team of researchers, led by astrophysicist Sumner Starrfield of Arizona State University, has combined theory with both observations and laborator

What happens in the hippocampus even before people attempt to form memories impacts whether they remember.


Arizona State University Associate Professor of food industry management Carola Grebitus has been elected to the 2021 leadership of the 

Whether or not you wear a face mask in public probably has a lot to do with your political affiliation.

Traveling down Rural Road next to Arizona State University’s Tempe campus, it’s impossible to ignore the shiny copper façade of the Biodesign Institute Building C.

It’s 2040. You are on the first team to settle on Mars. You live in a habitat that has been designed by the finest minds on Earth.

Though Alejandro Apud spent much of his life in the desert, he was equally at home on the ice.

What started as a fun project for three Arizona State University computer science majors has become a lifeline for university students worldwide looking for summer internships during the COVID-19 p

Diamond, a cutting material hard enough to get through almost anything, has long been cherished as a gemstone and a symbol of endurance.

Do you want to get ahead in your degree? Are you debating graduate school?

Want to know what a future with robots and artificial intelligence looks like? 

An Arizona State University anthropologist and his colleagues are helping an indigenous group in Bolivia understand and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no magic wand that can solve all of the world’s problems. But water might be the closest thing.

What to do. You're a dog. Your owner is trapped in a box and is crying out for help. Are you aware of his despair? If so, can you set him free? And what’s more, do you really want to?

Each year, students in the Arizona State University Department of Psychology compete for the title of most outstanding undergraduate research thesis.

Tropical forests contain some of the most biodiverse and dynamic ecosystems in the world.

Karen Anderson has found that reminding students of the big picture is key to their success.

Three ASU graduate students —

Social animals — from primates to yellow-bellied marmots, dolphins and more — can help us better understand the role social interactions play in health and mortality, not just within their own spec

When it comes to helping understand cancer, Athena Aktipis wants to get her point across — not just to other researchers, but to anyone who will listen.

Sixteen Arizona State University architecture students were tapped to provide design work around one of the most important large-scale artworks in the world — Roden Crater, the

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with medical researchers in the efforts to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, social scientists are taking the pulse of society and examining underlying c

Sharon Crook is the recipient of the 2020 Charles Wexler Teaching Award, the highest honor a fac

Genes are more than blueprints for building organisms. They are also vessels of memory.

It’s Friday morning, and Arizona State University students Daniela Ledesma and Hanna Maroofi head to the Arizona Department of Health Services in downtown Phoenix.

It takes more than strong technical skills to succeed in the engineering industry.

If you’ve ever spent a winter in Maine or Minnesota, you know you need special clothing — parkas, mittens, long johns — to survive.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many employees out of the office into their homes.

Two Arizona State University professors have been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, an organization that was formed in 1780 by John Adams, J

A new documentary series that examines an innovative farming technique — one that is now positively affecting food supplies during the coronavirus epidemic — has been released by the award-wi

Access ASU is offering a number of virtual sessions for eighth- to 10th-grade students across the United States through a new college readiness program called

How can viruses be destroyed? Are they alive?

Why do vaccines take a long time to make?

The Arizona State University-led team building NASA’s Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper, or “LunaH-Map” for short, reached a major milestone earlier this month by

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Arizona State University this week launched “Devils in the Details,” a Zoom-based conversation series with experts who are doing the work, the research and the collaboration that makes ASU the most

Julian Sodari’s love for public art was sparked at a young age.

From New York to Luxembourg, Namibia, Iceland and Bhutan, the novel coronavirus SARS CoV-2 has turned the modern world into a crisis zone.

Last year, Arizona became the first state to recognize other states’ occupational licenses for people moving in.

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of notable s

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of not

Imagine two children, Lucas and Gabby. They are both 4 years old and come from bilingual households. Lucas’ parents read to him every night. They talk about the books they read together often.

Lauren Dickman was recently honored with the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, and graduated in May with her PhD in applied mathematics from the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences.

Archaeological sites on the far southern shores of South Africa hold the world’s richest records for the behavioral and cultural origins of our species.

Grasslands across the globe, which support the majority of the world’s grazing animals, have been transitioning to shrub lands in a process that scientists call “woody plant encroachment.”

Arizona State University's Class of 2020 knows what it means to be resilient.

After the terror attacks of 9/11, air travel took a major hit. People were terrified to fly. Tickets were heavily discounted. Planes flew half-empty.

Standard-of-care treatments — chemotherapy and radiation — remain at the forefront of cancer therapy, but in light of the high rate of recurrence and treatment failure still observed for most cance

Tom Fournier had a successful career in engineering and business management and after co-founding and selling a company that measured automotive pollution for governments, he was able to reti

Sarah Arrowsmith, a scientist and lab coordinator with the Arizona State University Biodesign Swette Center for Environmental Biotech

For the first time, Arizona State University's Department of Physics hosted its annual Spring Awards and Recognition Ceremony as a virtual event, bringing together students, faculty, staff and alum

A bright idea developed through the Ira A.

Fifty years ago, Arizona State University researchers contributed to the development of medical technology that is now helping a small but growing number of patients recover from 

Every year Arizona State University Faculty Women’s Association recognizes exceptional mentors across the university with the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award.

Lily Whitler, founder of ASU's Society for Women in Physical Sciences, demonst

Technology that enables a patient to connect to loved ones via video conferencing and an app that gives family members limited access to medical updates were the winning entries in ASU’s first all-

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Parents often struggle to explain certain things to their children. There are topics that can be embarrassing, like sex, or tougher situations, like the death of a beloved pet or divorce.

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Editor's note: As of May 11, America’s reopening has begun, just weeks after the coronavirus had the country on lockdown.

While the ASU-led NASA Psyche mission launch is still a little more than two years away (projected for August 2022), teams of undergraduate students throughout

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of notable

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of no

John Vant, a graduate student at Arizona State University’s School of Molecular Sciences and the Biodesign Institute’s Center for Applied Structural Discovery, wa

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of notable

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of no

Undergraduate students in Arizona State University's Ira A.

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David Pijawka is an expert in many things, but as many will attest, he is a master of one: An undeniable dedication to service for others. 

Recent discoveries by two research teams in the Ira A.

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Being diagnosed with cancer is always alarming and too often, grim. An ancient disease, cancer is still with us, though treatment options remain limited, painful and frequently unsuccessful.

Gary Moore, an assistant professor in Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences and the Biodesign Insti

People in midlife can be parents, grandparents, caregivers for aging parents and breadwinners — all at the same time.

Hydrogen is an essential commodity with over 60 million tons produced globally every year.

Suren Jayasuriya, an Arizona State University professor jointly appointed with the School of A

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of notable

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of notable

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of notable

Global manufacturing has entered a new era. Some people call it smart manufacturing or Industry 4.0.

The proliferation of advanced technology has created many obvious benefits. But it has also raised new questions about privacy, data collection and data monitoring.

One day last July, Ariane Middel and two other Arizona State University researchers headed west on Interstate 10.

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In an effort to halt the spread of coronavirus, more countries are exploring the use of a wide range of technologies for the purpose of digital contact tracing, that is, leveraging personal d

The joys of gardening: head in the sun, hands in the dirt, something living where nothing lived before, and finally the crunch and snap and taste of what you and nature have created together.

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Whether there is life elsewhere in the universe is a question people have pondered for millennia, and within the last few decades, great strides have been made in our search for signs of life outsi

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Many people are staying at home as much as possible, avoiding mass gatherings and practicing social distancing. They haven’t shown any symptoms that would indicate they have COVID-19.

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Forecasting and tracking new cases of COVID-19, ensuring supplies and resources are positioned where and when they are most needed, and determining effective economic recovery plans is no easy feat


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Graduating Arizona State University seniors Annmarie Barton and Alison Lane worked together on their Barrett, The Honors College creative project to write and publish "The Scientist in Me," a child

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It has become increasingly clear that, depending on the computer model used, either we could still be in the midst of the pandemic with rising numbers of cases and deaths or we could be nearing the

Three Arizona State University students have won the prestigious Udall Undergraduate Scholarship, the most winners in more than 20 years.

For the past month, as the COVID-19 pandemic sent most Arizona State University staff home to work, a telepresence robot nicknamed Scotty has been key to keeping the public television station

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Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of outstand

Arizona State University’s Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes (CSPO), a research unit of the Institute for the Future of Inn

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Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of outstand

On Monday, May 11, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University will recognize its highest achieving students from the social scien

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Regents Professor Peter Buseck is a pioneering researcher who continues to inspire, even after almost 60 years of service at Arizona State University.

Arizona State University has long been a player in the realm of personalized digital education, with a current count of 175 fully online degree progr

Social distancing is flattening the curve of coronavirus in Arizona, according to a team of Arizona State University experts, but they expect the disease to spread if restrictions are lifted.

Greg Asner, the director of the Arizona State University Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science, recently lent his exper

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“I learned early in my life that anything I set my mind to, I could do,” said Brenda Hogue, professor and researcher at Arizona State University

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Max Wyman, an Arizona State University alumnus and former faculty member who earned his PhD in geography in 1994, was recently selected as the recipient of the 2020 Social Science Distinguish

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In his new book, "Environment," author and renowned scientist

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In November 2019 — and likely, even earlier — a tiny entity measuring just a few hundred billionths of a meter in diameter began to tear apart human society on a global scale.

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People work to advance technology, often for the benefit of safety and security.

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President Donald Trump has masterfully used the rhetoric of the "deep state" to divide Congress and the public and to deflect attention away from himself, according to David Rohde, a two-time Pulit

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On April 24, 1990, aboard the space shuttle Discovery, NASA launched and deployed the most significant advance in astronomy to that point, 

At its best, this is a time of “uncertain uncertainties” and “unknown unknowns,” said Sanjeev Khagram, director general and dean of the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

As a huge portion of the population adjusts to working from home, many of us struggle to look professional in virtual meetings.

Arizona State University has added to its international reputation for innovation, being named a

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As stay-at-home orders swept the globe last month, an abundance of free resources quickly emerged, available for teachers moving to online learning, parents looking to educate their children at hom

A treasure trove of information relevant to human and environmental health is hiding in an unexpected place.

The Environmental Humanities Initiative of the Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University is collaborating with the University of Texas Humanit

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An unfathomable amount of plastic has made its way into our oceans, but Charlie Rolsky believes we can make small changes in our lives t

Within weeks of arriving on the world stage, SARS-CoV-2 has managed to encircle the globe, leaving illness, mortality and economic devastation in its wake.

Group jam sessions on balconies, banging pots and pans out open windows, drive-by parades, online gatherings on every platform imaginable — across the globe, people have found ways to show apprecia

In another first for the excelling actuarial science program at Arizona State University, a team of four students took first place in the

Humans willingly incur costs to punish selfishness in others, and our societies are likely more cooperative as a result.

Not long ago, the azure waters of the Caribbean contained healthy and pristine coral reef environments dominated by the reef-building corals that provide home to one-third of the biodiversity in th

In 2015, world leaders agreed to establish 17 objectives aimed at achieving a better world by 2030: among them, an end to poverty and hunger, clean water and energy, gender equality and decent work

In the 50 years since the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, the United States has moved from a focus on pollution to a broader awareness of how the ecosystem needs to be nurtured.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the resource-raising entity operating for the benefit of Arizona State University sheds light on its dedication to investing money where its values li

Our planet is beautiful and resourceful, and we should do what we can to lessen our impact on our environment.

Experimental condensed matter physicists in the Department of Physics at the University of Oklahoma and an electrical engineering professor at Arizona State University have developed an approach to

Carbon dioxide emissions likely will decrease in 2020 in the wake of COVID-19 and shelter-in-place orders.

Doctors and health care workers in hard-hit areas of Michigan have been begging for assistance as they struggle to treat gravely ill patients.

ASU is taking measures to replace plastic straws with paper ones in all retail locations by Earth Day 2020. 

Astrophysical observations have shown that Neptune-like water-rich exoplanets are common in our galaxy.

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Christopher Stojanowski, a bioarchaeologist who uses the tools of skeletal biology to investigate human history, has been named director of Ariz

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As schools across the country continue to experience disruptions to traditional learning, there’s an urgent need for guidance on everything from fostering high-quality online learning experie

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Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration has announced their graduate student awards and fellowships for the 2020-21 academic year.

In a matter of months, COVID-19 changed the world.

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When something just works, that’s usually a good thing.

In college, Kelsey Lucca became obsessed with how animals think. Now, she spends her days working to understand how people think. 

Ariane Middel is from a small village in western Germany where the weather is generally cold and rainy.

For the first time in decades, Indians were able to see the Himalayan mountain range through the skies from their homes. Last week, Los Angeles had some of the cleanest air in the world.

A lot of people know that ants live in the ground, build ant hills and lay down invisible chemical trails. Temnothorax rugatulus does none of that.

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Ready for some good news for a change?

We thought so.

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

 — Robert Burns, paraphrased from the original text.

If you’ve spent time in national parks or state recreational areas, you’ve likely seen warnings about the spread of invasive species.

The U.S. population is getting older, and advancements in technology are helping people live longer and fuller lives.

Who wrote Malcolm X’s autobiography? The obvious answer is Malcolm X.

But, according to Keith Miller, it’s not that simple.

“Designing the Illusion of Reality” is a brand-new class in Arizona State University's School of Arts, Media and Engineering intended to give students a grasp of online gaming.

As cases of COVID-19 rise in Arizona, it’s essential to take a closer look at the current hospital resources that are available in our state.

Crisis has a way of bringing out the best and worst in people.

Humans need interaction, but the COVID-19 pandemic is asking people to step away from each other at a crucial time.

It’s a beautiful day at the ancient city of Teotihuacan. The Avenue of the Dead isn’t too crowded, you see from where you stand on top of the Pyramid of the Moon.

Virtual lab meetings, journal clubs and research conferences are just part of the adjustments made by the Arizona State University Department of Psychology in response to the COVID-19 pandemi

Hydrogen peroxide is commonly known as a household disinfectant for minor

The effects of climate change are so complex that putting a price tag on any part of it is difficult.

Accuracy is extremely important for cancer radiation treatments.

Whatever changes to life, social norms and civil and economic liberty that COVID-19 ultimately leaves in its wake, there's one potential outcome that many would like to see: the end of 

Last April, Arizona became the first state in the nation to enact universal licensing recog

Are the social and interpersonal problems associated with opioid addiction reversible?

News outlets, along with everyone else in the world, are sharing their facts, opinions and advice on COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus.

A new word will have to be coined to describe Zhihao Chen. Is he a farmer if there’s no farm?

Athena Aktipis could be called a Renaissance woman. After all, she’s a psychologist, evolutionary biologist, cancer biologist and studies conflict and cooperation.

The Arizona State University-led NASA Psyche mission, which is planned to launch in 2022, will travel to an asteroid named Psyche, orbiting the sun between Mar

Researchers at Arizona State University are harnessing the power of technology to track and predict trends in everything from disaster response to epidemic outbreaks in real time, using data collec

Arizona’s efforts to combat the novel coronavirus can be viewed as a structure assembled in stages.

When communities and engineers work together, everyone benefits.

In one month, Arizona State University researcher Michael Bernstein went from a trip spanning the globe from Norway and Denmark to the Netherlands, Germany, and Japan to self-imposed quarantine in

An international team including ASU researcher Gary Schwartz, has unearthed the earliest known skull of Homo erectus, the first of o

For Leena Tohaibeche, an undergraduate student in the College of Health Solutions, ASU’s move to online modalities has meant attending class and working from home — alongside four siblings.

Succeeding in politics or organizing a campaign requires a specific skill set.

It takes only a few words for Ram Pendyala to express the purpose of the School of Sustainabl

Scientists have long been able to measure and analyze the fossil skulls of our ancient ancestors to estimate brain volume and growth.

Drones have become an essential component in search and rescue and emergency response operations, but current technology limitations are hindering the efficiency of life-saving missions.


Coming back from spring break, students in the Ira A.

Many activities are upended during the COVID-19 pandemic as people stay home, but one thing that is not changing is grocery shopping, cooking and eating.

The National Science Foundation grants the Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) Award to early-career faculty members who have the potential

The bead of an idea hit Cody Friesen as a teenager hiking mountain trails in Arizona’s sunbaked Sonoran Desert.

A $2 million donation in emergency grants from the Virginia G.

It’s a feeling familiar to us all. We sense it when we’re waiting for the results of a medical exam, preparing to ask our boss for a raise, or rehearsing to ask our crush on a date.

Long before IBM, Apple and Google set up shop in Silicon Valley, the area was home to government-funded research operations that developed electronics and communications devices.

Laboratory classes are a vital part of any science program.

Arizona State University has to date earned 15 National Science Foundation early faculty career awards for 2020. The awards total $9.5 million in funding for ASU researchers over five years.

Each year, around 60% of newborns will come into the world with jaundice, a condition that manifests as a yellowing of the baby’s skin.

No stranger to resistance, Regents Professor Aditi Chattopadhyay has forged her own path in aerospace engineering to design resilient materials c

For decades, the United States has attempted to wean itself from fossil fuels but with limited success.

On a recent Friday morning, nearly 30 Arizona State University School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning faculty, staff and students

The demand for doctors and nurses has been growing for years, but it’s never been more urgent since the sudden arrival of the COVID-19 virus in the U.S.

We get it. You want to be informed, but you’ve been in the house for days on end with nothing but coronavirus updates in all of your feeds and headlines. But now, you just need a break.

The Heising-Simons Foundation has announced that Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration and Center

Finding creative ways to keep the learning going while social distancing is no problem for the innovators at Arizona State University.

One of the many consequences of tropical deforestation includes forest fragmentation, a process that involves dividing forests into smaller and smaller pieces, creating new borders between habitats

For the first time, Arizona State University’s Social Embeddedness Network Conference was hosted virtually, via Zoom on March 24, due to social distancing recommendations because of the COVID-19 pa

The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone operating at more than arms length these days, but a new Arizona State University-sponsored webinar series is offering a twist on the social hour.

Next month marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Those five decades have witnessed great leaps forward in protecting our planet and natural resources, but there's more work to be done. 

Just as a neurologist looks to a patient’s neural network for guidance in addressing neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s, researchers in the artificial intelli

There has been a significant drop in automobile use both across Arizona and throughout the country in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Arizona State University Professor Rebecca White recently co-authored a study on the negative impact of recent immigration policy changes on Lat

During a high school psychology class, Arizona State University student Shane Marohnic remembers watching instructional videos from Doug Kenric

Police officers’ use of excessive force — as well as the resulting legal outcomes — have shaken communities across the United States.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned Thursday that misinformation and fear related to the coronavirus are in many ways “more dangerous than the virus.”  

Americans are often stressed out by work. And given the current global pandemic and social distancing guidelines, workers might feel added pressure in the days or weeks to come.

It ain’t any easier being green.

The Network for Computational Modeling in Social and Ecological Sciences (CoMSES Net), which acts as an international clearinghouse for computer models and a place where modelers can share their wo

Showy peacock feathers, extravagant elk antlers and powerful crayfish claws are just a few examples of the ostentatious animal extremes used to compete for and attract mates, a process called sexua

It’s time to stand and be counted. The United States census, the universal event every American has participated in since 1790, is upon us.

The American economy lost between $57 and 109 billion in 2016 from c

Late at night, a lone scientist in the lab smacks their forehead and — voila! — an amazing solution to a problem coalesces, right?

Cooperation is essential during a pandemic.

Hydrocephalus is among the neurological disorders for which modern medical science remains stymied in the search for a cure.

Her breathing is shallow and sporadic, her stomach is doing somersaults and her jaw is locked. She is having a heart attack.

But according to medical standards, she isn’t.

“Baby Shark,” the viral children’s song that became the

Arizona State University’s graduate schools continue to hold high positions in the latest U.S. News and World Report annual rankings.

Millions worldwide will gather on April 22 to celebrate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary with rallies, conferences, outdoor activities and service projects.

On March 3, the Graduate College hosted its annual 

Climate change, alternative energy, autonomous vehicles and high-tech construction systems are changing the way the built environment — the man-made infrastructure in which we live and work — is be

Editor's Note: In light of the current public health emergency, the March 21 Emerge 2020 event has been postponed until further notice. A new date and time has not been set, bu

The first Earth Day in 1970 was catalyzed at college campuses.

Arizona entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about bringing a new technology to market face many obstacles, but many agree the biggest determinant to developing their vision is funding. 

Arizona State University Professor Alexandra Navrotsky will be honored with the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) 2020 Jan Czochralsk

Pat Gober became a water researcher by accident. 

Northern Arizona’s Oak Creek Watershed, near Sedona, is a popular destina

The future’s getting brighter for solar power.

Presenting research is a valuable skill that is essential for graduate school or a career in academia and research, and yet most students don’t know how to gain that experience.

Physical therapy is an important part of healing and recovery for children experiencing mobility impairments, but it can be distracting, difficult and dull.

Currently, nearly a third of the food produced in the United States never makes it to the grocery aisle — creating a huge waste problem.