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Freeway stack in Luxembourg: D'Autobunnskräiz vum Ring O an der A201 an der Belsc by Zinneke at Luxembourgish Wikipedia.

School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment

Sustainable engineering is a revolutionary approach to engineering that designs and constructs complex systems by considering environmental impacts, life-cycle assessment, and risk and uncertainty, along with technical and economic effectiveness. The built environment includes society’s physical infrastructure and integrated systems that create the conditions for sustained health, prosperity and social well-being.

The School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment prepares you to lead and manage the building process while mastering core principles of design, cost estimation and planning, sharpens your technical problem solving skills and frees your imagination to revolutionize current design principles into cutting-edge “green” engineering solutions.

The school is also home to nine centers and the Del E Webb School of Construction (DEWSC), whose top-ranked construction program is at the forefront of training the next generation of construction professionals through unique industry partnerships and professional development and training activities.

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