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Production of photovoltaics.

Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies Center

How to generate terawatts of electricity with minimal impacts on the environment has long confronted society. Photovoltaics offer one approach and have developed into a trillion dollar market. The Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies Center (QESST) is an National Science Foundation-Department of Energy funded research center founded in 2011 to capitalize on one of the greatest scientific advances of the 20th century, quantum mechanics, to develop photovoltaics and advanced energy converters that will:

  • Revolutionize electricity generation;
  • Renew interest in science and engineering
  • Revitalize the U.S. photovoltaic industry

ASU is one of only two universities in the nation leading two national engineering centers. The other, founded in 2015, is the Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Sustainable Geotechnics.

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