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Village people near a boat.

Center for Behavior, Institutions and the Environment

The Center for Behavior, Institutions and the Environment, under the Arizona State University's office of the University Provost, is a multidisciplinary endeavor to improve our understanding of how different types of institutions - defined as the norms and rules people use to govern common resources and provide public goods - perform within different social-ecological systems.

Founded in 2006 and directed by Professor Marco Janssen with the School of Sustainability, the center offers a transdisciplinary research and educational environment in which to perform institutional analysis of social-ecological systems (SES).  Among the center's efforts is Games for Sustainability, a repository of outcomes from experimental games that address common use resources and planning related to irrigation, forests, ground water and fisheries for researchers, practitioners and educators. The center also maintains the SES Library, a collection of databases and other resources related to the governance of social-ecological systems, globally.

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