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Split image: school of fish and a whale's tail.

Center for Biodiversity Outcomes

What is biodiversity? The whole of the vast array of animals, plants and micro-organisms and their environments on Earth.

The Center for Biodiversity Outcomes was established to promote discovery and solution-oriented approaches to challenges to sustaining biodiversity. An interdisciiplinary effort supported by ASU School of Life Sciences and the Global Institute of Susutainability and Innovation, the center works to build relationships, resouces, and operationalize solutions to conserve the Earth's biodiversity through sustainable resource management, policy and process change. The center also offers a graduate certificate in environmental communication and leadership.  

Among our research partnershps are projects that focus on:  

  • Biodiversity Assessment and Decision Tools
  • Governance and Biodiversity
  • Advancing Corporate Sustainability
  • Public Health and Biodiversity
  • Engagement of Underserved Youth

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