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Satellite image of the Phoenix metro area.

School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

The School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning offers instruction, research and outreach in geography, urban planning, climate change, cultural geography, environmental science and GIS, with undergraduate and graduate degree programs, exciting interdisciplinary research efforts and centers, and important community engagement.

With some of the top researchers in the nation, the school's research enterprise is highly diverse. Projects examine how city-dwellers connect with nature, pursue development of new software and explore patterns in crime, health care, diversity, education and even human-elephant conflicts in India. We also pioneer new methods that use modeling and satellite imagery to examine global urbanization, urban economic development and impacts of cities and humans on climate, plant and animal communities, water issues and quality of life along the U.S.-Mexico Border. In addition to hosting an active research enterprise, the school sponsors a range of student organizations to foster communication and professional development within the ASU community and beyond.

The school is closely affiliated with other research units, in addition to maintaining the World Weather/Climate Extremes Archive and Spatial Analysis Research Center (SPARC):

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