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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The liberal arts and sciences are the foundational core of any higher education institution, and The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is no exception. The college is not only the largest and most diverse college at ASU but also the intellectual heart of the university.

Along with such traditional core departments as chemistry, English, physics, life sciences and psychology, the college has created a number of transdisciplinary schools that facilitate the creation of new knowledge across disciplinary boundaries. Among these are the schools of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, Earth and Space Exploration, Human Evolution and Social Change, International Letters and Cultures, Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, and Social and Family Dynamics.

The college is also home to 40 cutting-edge centers and institutes that bring together some of the top creative thinkers, communicators and researchers in the world to tackle global challenges and knowledge generation in the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities.

By melding the traditional and emerging geographical, scientific, cultural, global and technological literacies  - key to success in career and life, the college adapts rapidly to our changing world just as it prepares students to do. Our aim is to be a defining example of a liberal arts college for the 21st century.

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