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Professor and student wearing lab coats reviewing samples in a lab.

School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

The School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts offers a solid base of scientific and mathematical knowledge, proficiency in scientific inquiry and access to careers that value and apply these skills to life situations.

Located on ASU's West campus, our school’s dedicated faculty and staff work side-by-side with students to customize their programs. Students can tailor their degree with their career goals and personal interests in mind.

Our bachelor’s programs include biology, with concentrations in environmental science, forensics and secondary education, as well as statistics, cell and molecular biology, applied mathematics, and applied computing. 

In the biology program, learning in an integrative environment emphasizes the connectedness of the life sciences. Students also gain a better understanding of larger scientific concepts and can view these concepts from multiple perspectives through experiential learning. 

Undergraduate research is also an integral component to the New College experience. The New College Undergraduate Inquiry & Research Experiences (NCUIRE) Program provides opportunities to engage in meaningful research partnerships with faculty and other undergraduates. Research encourages students to apply what they learn in the classroom and gain experience to boost their competitive edge in the workplace.

Graduates from our programs go on to work in careers that range from health care, forensic science and pharmaceutics to environmental consulting and management, tech and internet security and computer science.

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