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Illustration of beakers and charts and components arranged into the shape of a brain.

Center for Adaptive Neural Systems

Scientists and engineers with the Center for Adaptive Neural Systems collaborate to develop technologies to offset traumatic injury and neurological disease, and transfer these technologies to biomedial industry and clinical practice. 

Core research areas include neural prothetics, neuromorphic control systems and adaptation in neural systems. 

The multidisciplinary teams offer a wide range of expertise, from electrical, mechanical and biomedical engineering to neurosurgery and physical therapy, and neuroscience, physiology, exercise science and kinesiology. Clinicians, scientists and engineers strive to address problems of neurological disabilities at multiple levels, including molecular and cellular physiology, neural circuitry, systems neurophysiology, musculoskeletal physiology and behavior.

The center is housed with ASU's Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

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